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Ultra-fast IT support first time, on time, every time

Build your own service package with a range of support and professional services for any platform – designed, deployed and managed by our world-class service team.

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We ensure that solutions are viable to budget, meet your desired outcomes, not only for now but for the future too.


Get project management and onsite support resources to ensure your deployment is completed on time and within budget.


From initial build and deployment, through to ethical disposal with a strong emphasis on accuracy, security and quality.

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Providing 24/7 support

We're on hand to support your business with any IT-related issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. You don't have to wait for business hours to get your technology back up and working again.

24/7 Support

Your organisation is fully supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. You don't have to wait for business hours to get your technology back up and working again.

Proactive Monitoring

Your system will be monitored automatically spotting and fixing potential issues before they prevent your organisation from operating.

Ultra-Fast IT Support

Speak directly to one of our engineers every time you call. You won't spend hours waiting for your issues to be fixed, allowing you to focus on with what's important to your organisation.

Invest in your future

Offering proactive monitoring

Our Proactive Monitoring solutions automatically monitor your business systems, flag any potential issues, and allow us to fix them before they ever become an issue.

Healthy Network

We keep your systems and IT running safe and as normal behind the scenes. This ensures that you can continue to run your business, with no interruptions.

Reviews and Analysis

Reporting back on your network health ensures you know what's going on in the background.
We give you a wider insight than most.

Remote Patches

Most issues and vulnerabilities can be patched up by our team remotely. However, if you need us on-site we're always here for you.

Our team and capabilities

Our teams are split into 3 levels of support, making sure your IT tickets are handled quickly, and effectively.

1st line support will be able to handle most of your IT issues with a quick turnaround.

However, if a problem persists then our 2nd and 3rd line experienced support staff will get involved to resolve any issues.

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World-class service

First time, on time, every time

A combination of highly skilled engineers, collaborative culture and dedication results in our consistently high customer satisfaction rates - our teams maintain your systems proactively and answer any queries you may have. Our Net Promotor Score℠ has never been below 90% since it launched in 2017.

Average NPS score
“We all recommend Optm because the service has been great. Matthew helped me this evening, quickly, thoroughly and with good chat. Thanks!”
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Managed support

Don't go at it alone. Let us help you with your IT needs. We provide fully managed IT support, and are able to handle most tickets remotely without ever having to step foot on your premise.


Reliable and consistent backup is taken on a regular basis with daily monitoring and backup management. Once completed you receive a backup report and any failures will be automatically logged and investigated.


Server and Endpoint estate is managed effectively and we provide on-site support, coupled with the ServiceDesk. This combines into a seamless product that ensures your servers, endpoints and people maintain productivity.


Anti-Virus service is provided so we can monitor and manage your AV estate. This includes keeping AV and the AV console up to date (subject to subscription). Once completed you receive an AV report and issues are automatically logged and investigated.


Patch management service provides the confidence that your servers and endpoints are being regularly assessed and patched. Patches are centrally managed and are approved/denied in correspondence within a defined change process.

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The numbers

Our average monthly statistics

A combination of highly skilled engineers, collaborative culture and dedication results in our industry-leading statistics.

7 Seconds

Average call wait time


Average NPS Score


Tickets received




Site service


First call to fix

Accredited, protected

We pride ourselves on our partnerships

We work alongside the world’s biggest brands and ensure you benefit from best-in-class service with the highest level of protection.