Cloud Practice

Supercharge your productivity

Stay connected and get more out of your Cloud licenses using intelligent apps and integrated cloud services – all equipped with the highest standard of built-in security.

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Low-Cost Pricing

As a global cloud provider, we are able to provide many subscriptions below RRP.

Cloud Migration

Transform your business, migrate to the cloud with minimal, downtime.

Advanced Security

Using tools such as Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud, rapidly backup and recover your data.  

Implementation and Integration Services

In addition to Optm products and services, we offer expert professional integration and support services for our valued partners.


Our relationship with partners like Microsoft means we can give your business the most cost-effective prices.

Software license renewal

We can automatically renew your licenses to their latest versions. Up your productivity to the max.

365 support

Our team of experts are always on hand to provide support when needed on all things 365.

Subscription reviews

We can look at your subscriptions and current usage to suggest changes that fit your needs best.

Environment security reviews

We can monitor your environment to see if it’s as secure as it can be and highlight vulnerabilities.

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Our team and capabilities

Leverage our world-class Service Desk to help support your cloud environment. Our industry standard ISO 9001, 27001 & CyberEssentials+ certifications coupled with our NPS®, which is consistently above 95%, demonstrates our success in delivering outstanding customer service.

Optm is one of the top 10 MSPs in the UK and employs 50+ technical support staff.


Enablement and deployment services

We provide a cloud environment focused on your strategic aims. We understand that every organisation is unique and ensure we have an understanding of your organisation, technology and vision before deployment of services.


We can help you make your first step into the cloud, develop a hybrid cloud approach or help plan and manage a complete infrastructure migration. Azure migrations allow you to migrate your data and workloads to Azure confidently and securely with intelligent security services. Increase your organisations agility with best-in-class Azure infrastructure that scales to your business needs.

Virtual Desktop

Deploy and access your Windows 10 or 11 desktop applications virtually anywhere with built-in security. Simplify your deployment and scalability in minutes.


Azure Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the enterprise, it allows you to see and stop threats before they cause harm - it’s SIEM reinvented for the modern world.

Teams Enablement

We assess your Teams usage and find gaps in utilisation, help IT departments to leverage the best management tools and apply the appropriate security and governance policies. We can retrain end-users and help educate them on Teams etiquette to ensure your organisation stays abreast of the latest features.

Our Purpose-Built Workshops

Our workshops are built to help you take control of your IT services. Learn about your solutions from our dedicated experts. Maximise your investment with the right training and development.


Our ‘SharePoint in a Box’ product has been developed as a quick and easy way to deploy your first SharePoint site. Designed to be as easy to adopt as possible, the platform is deployed with just the essential SharePoint communications, including your company branding.

Key highlights

Basic SharePoint communications site
Customer branded
1hr end-user training included


We help you get the most out of Teams. Most people only use Teams for online meetings and instant messaging, but it's so much more than that. Learn how to use Teams to its full potential.

Key highlights

Learn to integrate teams with the 365 suite
Improve productivity and efficiency
1hr end-user training included

Security Roadmap

Our Security Roadmap is designed to help your organisation by leveraging your Microsoft 365 investment lines. This is done by assessing your current security posture, giving you a score and then working with you to turn on Microsoft 365 technologies that help to secure your environment.

Key highlights

Adopt a defined approach to your IT security
Identify and patch vulnerabilities
Align your security processes to business objectives

Productivity Roadmap

Are you paying for specialist software, where a similar technology is already included in your Microsoft 365 subscription? In this roadmap our team measures your current software utilisation and will help make improvements to your usage.

Key highlights

Identify cost-savings
Develop a data strategy that limits data sprawl
Learn about integrations and time-saving measures
Accredited, protected

We pride ourselves on our partnerships

We work alongside the world’s biggest brands and ensure you benefit from best-in-class service with the highest level of protection.