Why does culture matter?

Developing Optm’s culture is vital to our growth. Our teams continually aim to make a positive impact to our people, ensuring that we have a positive space to work hard and be rewarded for it. A strong, clearly defined and well-communicated culture attracts talent that fits the organisation. It drives employee engagement and its essential for retention and loyalty.

Culture also impacts how our people interact and develop interpersonal relationships with each other. Not forgetting a fun and open culture greatly impacts happiness, joy, satisfaction, and productivity within the workplace. Developing a great workplace culture provides everyone with the opportunity to initiate change; to grow in a professional and personal aspect.

Culture promotes openness, encouraging employees to voice opinions and pursue the values they believe in. With this, we introduce our new Culture Group. They are focused solely on managing, creating, and developing and growing our Optm culture into something even more wonderful!

😎 A bit about the group  

The Group aims to enhance culture at Optm by creative thinking and the organising of activities. Activities and initiatives will include a wide range of topics:

  • 🎗 Raising money for chosen charity Candlelighters
  • 🥰 Building connections across teams
  • 🥇 Recognition
  • 🧘 Wellbeing
  • 🎤 Events inspired by national/global awareness days
  • 🤪 Activities simply just for fun; team bonding days & socials
🤑  Budget 

We are putting aside more budget for more exciting culture events. (Other than just Halloween and Xmas.) We are aiming to host one activity a month, or more. Exciting!

💡 Ideas  

Ideas are brought from across all areas of the business, including the newly introduced Leadership Huddles into the Culture meeting. We then share notes, ideas, and brainstorm concepts for upcoming fun activities for the group to partake in, or changes we want to implement. It’s not just about ideas though; the team is about developing proactive team players who represent our culture, take accountability; helping to organise, roll out and communicate plans, making sure our culture events are fun and a roaring success. 

🤝  Meeting up

We as a team met for the first time today to discuss our initial ideas. The first being 👇

Implementing a plan for our annual Halloween party

Today, we brainstormed concepts and put together a calendar of activities and events for spook season. Want a sneak peek? 🙈

  • 🧛 Fancy dress prizes
  • 💀 Creepy decorations
  • 🎃 Festive games
  • 🦴 Freaky food and drinks

Watch this space…👻

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