Our culture

This is who we are, and how we work

We have created a completely unique work experience where we put our people first. Read all about the culture we live and breathe.

Giving back

Making an impact in the world

Optm is committed to supporting the community through charitable partnerships, fundraising activities and involving our incredible team.

We are proud to support and promote Candlelighters Trust. Founded in 1976 by families and medical staff, Candlelighters continues to help support children suffering with cancer and their families.

Supporting Candlelighters to become better

Proceeds go towards the funding of research, family holidays, grants and additional services within the hospital and vital support for families battling children’s cancer.

The numbers
Minimum raised per year
Years of donation
Value given in skillshare
“Optm exemplify everything that makes a charity partnership amazing. It continues to be an absolute privilege to work alongside them, and I look forward to many more moments to celebrate this incredible partnership.”
Chris Salt
Senior Corporate Partnerships Executive at Candlelighters
Blonde woman side-by-side with candlelighters staff in pink T-shirts

Empowering our staff to give back to their communities

Through introducing our most powerful assets, our people, we are able to raise a considerable amount of money to Candlelighters to help support them with their important mission.

Fundraising challenges

From Total Warrior to Sky Diving, we love to put on a show and raise valuable funds for our chosen charities at the same time.

Regular fancy dress

We love to dress up and run regular fancy-dress days depending on the season and days, filled with fun games and activities.

Optional salary donations

We support monthly salary donations to Candlelighters to those that wish to give back on pay day.

We volunteer

As a dedicated sponsor for Candlelighters, we raise our hand to participate in big charitable events when needed. Whether it's pushing awareness, or rolling up or sleeves, we love to get involved.

Winning workplace

A workplace that values staff

Our people are our most valuable asset. So we have created a workplace where everyone has a voice, is important, and can make a difference.

2 happy people sat inside a meeting pod with another happy person hanging over the wall. Everyone is smiling at each other signalling a fun meeting
External support line
Private staff health care
Wellbeing workshops
Monthly yoga sessions
Fruit delivered every week
Running clubs

We try and make the world a more sustainable place, too

Being forward-thinking doesn't just stop when it comes to business. We care greatly about the world we live in and aim to promote a 'green' culture in our offices.

Cycle to work scheme

We give employees the opportunity to cycle into work in the most cost-effective way with our Cycle to work scheme.

Electric car charging

Electric car charging ports are installed in parking spots around our office, giving employees the opportunity to save on fuel and money.

Ethical trading

Our reputation is dependent on the principles of fair trading and ethical conduct. Our success is built upon customers' trust and everyone at Optm has the responsibility to maintain that.

Reduce logistics and transport

Where possible, we encourage teams to reduce the need for transport through video conferencing and flexible working options.

Ethical disposal of goods

We comply and enforce all applicable environmental legislation, such as the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEE).

Ethical office refurb

Our office refurbishment was designed to converse all types of energy, and promote our employee's environmental awareness.

3 people walking away with their backs turned. One is wearing an Optm branded backpack

The culture group

Different people from different departments, ages, genders and ethnicities are part of the culture group here at Optm, where they discuss how to improve well-being in the workplace. They also plan exciting and fun social events that everyone can take part in.

The culture group lives and breathes Optm, and if you have any ideas or improvements they are the ones to go to.

Winning workplace

Our Values

One Team

One roof, one team, one community, team work, solidarity, collaboration, support, and respect.

People First

People, customers, culture and values first, doing the right thing… Results follow.

Being Better

Being better than yesterday, than ourselves, than our competitors, always improving, driven to succeed, standards matter.

Own It

Taking pride in our work, initiative, autonomy, accountability, recognise and learn from mistakes.

Work Hard

Passion, dedication, extra mile, whatever it takes, earn the right, loyalty…

Have Courage

Professional courage, speak up, communicate, challenge constructively and confidently.


We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all individuals based on merit, qualification, capability and potential.

Everyone is equal

We do not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices based on age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any other basis protected by the Equality Act 2010.

Everyone has a say

We encourage any questions or concerns to be brought up to us without fear of reprisal.
Everyone has a voice here.

Multi-Faith Room

We have dedicated a room in the office strictly for those that wish to practice their religion in peace.

group of 3 sitting in posh area with laptop and tablet in hand

Proud sponsors

Working with partners and sponsors, we aim to have a real impact working alongside organisations that we care will make a difference.

Official Technology Partner, England Rugby League

We’re proud to sponsor the England Rugby League in their campaign to win the 2022 world cup. Through the use of technology to analyse marginal gains, Optm will support the England Rugby League to be the very best they can be.

Image of England Rugby team standing shoulder to shoulder before a game

Main Sponsor, Speranza 22

We are thrilled to sponsor Speranza 22 (S22) – a leading international invitational 7's team with a mission to showcase elite performance on the pitch, whilst donating their entire proceeds to numerous charities around the world.

Optm joins as a Title Sponsor – supporting S22 alongside other international organisations from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This partnership aligns key values between both organisations; Teamwork, passion, hard work – but most importantly – giving back and helping others.